Blossoming Apple Tree

I finally got some time to spend in the garden this weekend. I love this time of year when the apple tree is laden with blossom. A promise of all of the lovely apples to come this year.

Jobs this week included the dreaded weeding, but I felt so much better when (most of) it had been done. The garden certainly looks better. I even got some time to sit and enjoy the garden after working in it. That's always a bonus isn't it?

I have two Japanese maple trees in pots which are looking particularly lovely at the moment. I did try taking a photo of them for this weekend but went with the blossom as it's more fleeting, especially when it gets windy! It feels like it's snowing when all of the petals fall.

Whenever I photograph spring blossom. I always think of Japanese wood cut prints of blossom. Very often, the branch arches in from one side of the paper and leaves a big negative space on the other side of the picture. I remember that the Post-Impressionist painters, in particular Paul Gauguin and Vincent Van Gogh, were influenced by Japanese prints. So I tend to leave negative space in the photo and just have a branch of blossom coming in from one side. In this photo I have used the rest of the tree as a bokeh background.

I love capturing the seasons, if you look back to my first ever 52 weekends photo, it was an apple from our tree.

apple tree

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