Building Project Reportage Commercial Photography

Of all of the commercial photography jobs that I've done this year, this one was the most diverse and a first for me. The owner of the building firm wanted some photographs to document the progress. He also had a massive steel beam with which he wanted to emulate the famous New York sky scraper beam photo.

I went up to the site twice. The first set of photos are from the first visit. I was fascinated by the fact that a lot of the old pub fixtures and decoration was still in tact. Also by the juxtaposition of the indoors being open to the elements like in the photo under the wheelbarrow one.

Black and white photography

Building project

The next set of photos are from the second visit which was about a month later. What a difference that month made! For a start, the building in the photo top left now had a roof. The top middle shot makes me think the workmen are miners down a coal shaft and not just carrying planks into a building.

Dunn Builders Commercial Photography

Craftsmen at work

Altogether a fun and interesting job. Finding a kind of beauty out of rubble and what seems like chaos.

If you'd like a project documenting in this way please ring 0191 2864014 or email to get a quote.

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