Commercial Consistency

One of my customers posted a photo on her facebook page of three bridesmaids dresses that I'd photographed in different colours. A great idea to have the same dress in different colours for your bridesmaids. Then I wondered if I'd photographed the dresses on different days as they looked so consistent. I hadn't done those ones on different days but I found the three below which I had photographed on different days (and in two different locations!).

I've put these together to demonstrate how by hiring a professional photographer to do your product photography, you can achieve a consistent look across your product range even if you need to photograph new stock at a different time. The lighting set up is going to be the same and for the dresses, I made sure that the cropped dimensions were the same as the previous photos.

It's essential for you to have excellent photographs of your products so that your potential customers can see them clearly and it makes them want to have them.

Bridesmaid dresses

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