Crocus Lawn at Wallington Hall

Over the weekend, we visited one of our favourite local places. Wallington Hall in Northumberland. This is a National Trust property and I have been visiting it since I was a child. We decided to go over the weekend, partly to take advantage of the first spring weather, but partly because I'd remembered about their crocus lawn. We missed it last year and I would've forgotten about it until a couple of friends posted photos on social media.

We've visited Wallington so many times over the years that I've stopped taking my camera every year. Not this time. I packed my pro camera with the long and macro lenses. I was very good and only took photos of the crocuses. Here are a few that I took.

crocus lawn

crocus lawn at Wallington Hall

There's something very uplifting about seeing all those crocuses en masse on the gently sloping lawn. Don't you agree? It definitely feels like spring has arrived now! It's definitely worth a visit but you'll have to hurry as I'm not sure how long the crocuses will be in flower. If you can get there during the week it would be even better so you avoid having other people in your pictures. I'm pretty good at achieving this but still had to crop and remove people in the camera software programme.

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