Don't Forget to Back Up Your Holiday Photos

As we get towards the end of the school holidays, most people will have been on their summer holidays. If you're like me, you will have taken lots of photos of your lovely time away. But you don't want to leave all of those photos on your camera or phone to be forgotten. Here are a few tips for managing your holiday photos.

1. As soon as you have transferred your pictures onto your computer, make a second folder of them.

2. Go through the images in one of the folders and delete any pictures which are blurry, duplicates or have people with bad expressions. This leaves you with only the best pictures.

3. Back up both folders onto either a cd/dvd or a usb stick. You'd hate for your computer to crash and you lose all of those images. Ideally you'd back them up to two different discs/usb sticks.

4. Decide what to do with the images. If you are printing some out then it may be helpful to put those ones into a separate folder. You could alternatively make a slideshow and put that onto a disc to show your family and friends.

5. Once you've backed the images up safely onto two discs/usbs, you can then format your memory card on the camera. Or delete your phone pictures to give you more space for your next pictures.

Some shots from our holiday to Portugal last year.



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