Don't Forget to Look at Your Photos

Almost everyone has a camera on their phone now. People probably take at least one photo a day. Maybe it's to share straightaway on social media. Some of these images can probably be seen as throw-away. Share the moment when it happens. But what about the photos that you want to keep?

Hopefully you'll have read last week's article about backing up your holiday photos. Well this practice applies to your every day photos as well.

The only trouble is, how often do you look back at that disc or usb stick and go through the photographs again? What's the point of even having them if you never look at them?

Like it or loathe it, facebook is a great platform for reminding you to look at those memories. The next time a memory post pops up on your feed, remember to go and get those backed up photos of when the children were babies, or when you went on that amazing holiday five years ago.

Grab a cuppa, or a glass of wine and some snacks and snuggle up on the sofa to watch a slideshow of your memories on the tv. Make an event of it!

Or just open the picture uploads folder on your computer and look at some photos at random. However you do it, just make a bit of time to look back at your photos. I'll bet you'll feel good and have a smile on your face.

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