Electric Goats in Norway

For the last 2 weekends we've been on holiday in Norway. So I'm playing catch up with my creative 52 weekends project. Not that I needed to consciously had to be creative - I took 673 photos over the 10 days! Anyway, the first weekend we went into Bergen and up Mount Fløyen in the funicular. We discovered that they have electric goats in Norway.

Well, up Mount Fløyen anyway, and technically it's their collars which are electric. They are up there to keep the vegetation down but are contained in one area at a time. If they stray too close to the perimeter, their collar lets out a warning tone. If they go over the perimeter, they get an electric shock. Apparently they learn very quickly not to stray over the perimeter.

Here's one doing a great job of stripping the bark off a tree. You can see why they want to restrict the goats to one area at a time!

electric goat

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