An Eshott Hall wedding in the snow

Just as we're enjoying the hottest April days since 1949, I'm bringing you some photos from an Eshott Hall the snow.

I recruited my mother-in-law and her 4x4 to drive me from Newcastle up to Eshott, after depositing my son with his grandpa as the school was closed. Luckily we made it and we were half an hour early. It was going to be an intimate wedding with only 14 people, including the bride and groom. With the weather being so bad, the groom had told the few guests who were supposed to be travelling by mini bus, not to come. Then when the florist, the make up lady, the registrars and I managed to make it, he was feeling guilty.

The couple and three members of the family had stayed overnight, and another couple of guests managed to get there so they were 7 in total. Plus, installed in the library were the make up lady's husband and two children, the florist and her husband, and my mother-in-law.

So with everything set, the ceremony took place and I was thankful that the couple were happy to do a few photos outside in the snow. Being the end of February anyway, the bride had had the foresight to get a furry jacket. There were wellies at the entrance to the hotel but they were a bit muddy. So I lent the bride the wellies I'd worn to walk from the car!

The couple had only booked me for a short time, which was probably just as well. The florist had only just left, driving behind Shaun the groundsman on his quad up the small road to the A1. When he got back it was snowing and he advised waiting ten minutes as we wouldn't be able to see a thing. The snow was also drifting from the winds coming across the fields. Anyway, we eventually made it out, following him on his quad bike. We were the last people to leave! The wedding party and the staff who were there (including the manager's daughter) were snowed in until two days later. So it was just as well the groom put the other guests off.

Anyway, here are some pictures from that especially memorable day.

Eshott Hall wedding

Northumberland wedding

wedding photography

Northumberland wedding photographer

wedding in the snow

Eshott Hall staircase

Eshott Hall

Eshott Hall in the snow



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