Family Photo Session With New Grandparents

Here's a little look at a recent family photo session I did for a new family. They wanted some photos with their new baby and the grandparents. This was especially important to them as one set of grandparents live in Germany. The baby was only four weeks old and it was their first visit to see her.

It was a lovely warm day and everyone was sitting in the garden when I arrived. I love working outdoors so I was pleased when they were happy to do the family photos in the garden.

Once we had the group photos completed, we took the baby indoors to take a few photos of just her.

One photo that mum wanted in particular was of baby's cute squidgy feet.

After almost falling asleep outside, she was really very alert for a four week old and posed beautifully for her photos.

family photo

new family

baby photo

baby feet

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