Family Portrait Every Year

For the past six years I have photographed this family every year. I thought it would be fun to pick one family photograph from each year to show the differences in the boys growing up. The little one was just 2 in the first portrait so he's the one that has changed the most but you can see that the older brother is getting taller.

It's a lovely record of everyone from year to year and the grandparents get given a photo each year for Christmas so that is their present sorted!

The family always choose an individual each of the boys and a family photo to put in the same frames on their wall which they just swap out each time the photos are updated. The old ones get put into an album so will build up into a collection like this of the family through the years.

If you'd like to start recording your family through the years you can find more details on my Portraits page or book your session by calling 0191 2864014 or emailing me at

Family portraits through the years

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Newcastle family portrait

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