Family Portrait in Northumberland at Rothbury

A few weeks ago I did a family portrait in Northumberland. We went to the riverside at Rothbury which was absolutely glorious. It did mean that I was trying to find some shade to avoid harsh shadows. There wasn't much shade but we managed and here are a few of the shots that I got. There was also a massive tail back on the A1 past Morpeth so we all arrived about half an hour late! This meant that the sun wasn't as harsh but the 2 year old was more tired than he would've been.

It was the grandparents' 70th birthdays so the family had decided to have a portrait altogether. It also coincided with my Mother's Day portrait offer which was really handy for them! Until 18th June there is a Father's Day offer with two packages available. Click this link for more information.

Family photo session

family photo in Northumberland

couples photography

family portrait

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