Focus On ~ Details of Your Day Part Three

In the final part of this series about recording the details of your special day, I'm focusing on the personal touches. Every wedding is unique because of these personal details that each couple brings to their day. Here are some examples from weddings I've photographed in the last few years.

wedding bouquet

This brooch belonged to the bride's grandmother and she had it pinned to the stem of her bouquet so that she could carry it up the aisle. It very handily was her "something blue" as well.

wedding ring

Another grandmother remembered...this was the bride's grandma's wedding ring which the bride was going to wear. The rose petals were the perfect spot to show the ring off in a photograph.

Newcastle Brown Ale

Of course, we mustn't forget the groom! This particular groom is a fire officer in the RAF and had placed his Newcastle Brown Ale down beside his cap. On the original photo I had moved the bottle and just photographed the cap and the flowers as a bride and groom kind of photo. One of the groom's relatives had seen me and commented that they probably would like a photo with the bottle in as well. I used this photograph as a background to one of their album pages.

Italy on a wedding cake

Your cake is alway easy to personalise. This groom's family was originally from Italy and one of the layers on their four tier cake had a map of Italy on it.

wedding confetti

At the same wedding, they had confetti in the colours of the Italian flag. Before they threw it I got a photo as I wasn't sure if you would be able to make out the colours of the confetti once it was in the air. Of course, confetti is an Italian word which means "sweets". Originally from the real and imitation sweets which were thrown during Italian carnivals. The Italian grandma also threw almonds (and coins) at the couple.

wedding car badge

This last photo was requested by the groom. He wanted detail shots of the wedding car which is so easy to do when you have a lovely vintage model.

If you have lots of personal details running through the theme of your special day, which you want capturing, don't forget to mention them to your photographer. This will ensure that they will photograph them for you so you'll remember all of the thought that went into your planning to create a truly unique day.

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