Focus On ~ Details of Your Day Part Two

Focusing on wedding day details, this week I'm looking at the details of your wedding reception room. You've chosen flowers for the tables, your cake decoration, table names and place names. All of which will probably be co-ordinated with your colour theme so displayed together in your album they will all look fabulous and will pull your wedding story together.

wedding table flowers

Chances are that your table flowers will contain a mixture of your bouquet flowers and some different flowers so it's great to get a shot of them.

wedding table name

Everyone has different, individual ideas of naming their tables - and how to display the names. This couple used street names of all of the places they had lived. They must have moved around a lot!

table name

This bride arrived in her own cart drawn by her horse so they had different types of horses for their table names.

bride and groom tags

wedding placenames

Everyone needs to know where to sit!

wedding breakfast menu

I do like to try and include a photo of the menu. You'll possibly forget what you had to eat many years into your marriage. At our wedding, we had a choice of three puddings which I remember clearly as we shared the three between the two of us - butterscotch profiteroles, mint chocolate cheesecake and strawberry roulade. Can't for the life of me remember what I had for the main. I have a sweet tooth!

butterfly decoration

Little details like this can easily be overlooked by guests but you'll know that they are there.

wedding details

You may choose to have a wishing tree for guests to write a message on a tag.

wedding cake

wedding cake topper

The cake will be eaten in no time so photos are a must!

wedding venue detail

I like to take photos of details of your venue as they are great for background pages in your album and also are part of the place where you're celebrating.

evening decoration


If your photographer is staying on to the night time do, they can get great shots of the lighting and you can remember the mood that it created while you danced into the night.

If you missed the first part, the bride's details, you can read it here.

Thanks for reading and look out for the final part coming soon.


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