Focus On ~ Details of Your Perfect Wedding Day Part One

When you're planning your perfect wedding day, you put so much time and effort into searching for all of the little details which will make your wedding unique to you. Finding decorations to fit your colour scheme, jewellery to match your dress and stationery which compliments your theme. As you have taken so much time to find the right accessories, it's lovely to have those details recorded in photographs.

If you having a Storybook album of your wedding day, these detail photos can be used as background pages incorporated into your wedding story.

I was going through the detail photographs of recent weddings and picked so many that I decided to break them down into three parts, so this week I'll be looking at the bride's details.

If your photographer is taking photos at the house or venue beforehand while you're getting ready then it's a great time for them to get all of the detail shots. If your photographer is just covering from the ceremony and you'd like details of your flowers and shoes etc then mention it to them beforehand so they can make sure that they capture those photos for you.

bouquet and dress detail

This photo combines the detail of the bride's bouquet, the beautiful lace on her dress and her jewelled belt.

bridal jewellery

Close up shots of your jewellery can make good background pages.

bridal shoes

Once you're wearing your shoes, you often can't see them under your dress so it's great to have a photo of them on their own.

bridal tiara

It's not every day that you wear a tiara these days so record it for posterity!

bridal bouquet

Bridal bouquets don't just have to be flowers and foliage these days. You can get all sorts of decoration included and I love these jewelled butterflies flitting through this artificial bouquet.

Thank you for reading and look out for Part Two coming soon!

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