Focus on ~ Table Numbers

Instead of just having table numbers at your wedding reception, you may want to get creative and name your tables with something personal to you. Here are a couple of ideas from recent weddings that I've photographed.

We have so many beautiful places around the North East that you could use their names for your table names.

Derwent Water

This couple used street names from all of the places they had lived, both before they met and after. I particularly like the unique and personal way they are illustrated holding up the street names.

Personal wedding table number

This next couple decided to use placenames as well...of places where they had been on holiday or visited together. Each table had a photograph of the two of them together in said place. This one was Kenya.

Wedding table number

This bride arrived at church in her own horse-drawn cart so horses were the inspiration for their table names, and of course, horse shoes are a symbol of good luck.

horse shoe

This next one was one of the most unique and funny set of table names I've ever seen. Usually I just take just one photo ot the table name/number marker. At this wedding I had to choose a couple to photograph as they were so funny. I also photograph the table plan which obviously has all of the table names on them. Here's a list of their table names:

The Deliriously Happy Table

The St Trinian's Table (aka Dame Allen's)

The Special Table

The Crash Landing Table

The Champagne and Caviar Table

The Delaval Contingent Table

The Not Going Out But Looking Table

The Outlaws Table

The Slightly Different Table

The Superheroes Table

Looking at some of these names, you obviously have to have guests who will take it in good spirits, Obviously, The Deliriously Happy Table was the top table.

Funny table number

Outlaws table

All of these table number markers are quite simple, just a card in a holder, but it's the thought that has gone into naming the tables that counts. Now what can you use as table numbers which will be unique to you?

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