Focus On ~ Wedding Bouquets

This week I'm taking a look at bridal bouquets from some weddings I've photographed. A few years ago I'd noticed that all of my brides had chosen hand-tied bouquets but as I started looking back over the recent weddings I noticed that a couple had gone for the more traditional trailing shape.

Roses are always very popular for weddings and work well in mixed bouquets or just on their own.

rose bouquet  wedding bouquet

This purple themed bouquet was lovely for a country wedding.

country wedding bouquet

hand-tied wedding bouquet

Roses and gypsophila make a classic, romantic combination.

rose and gyp bouquet

This teardrop bouquet had blue flowers in it to go with the blue bridesmaid dresses. Not many flowers are truly blue so you may be limited on what you can use.

mixed teardrop bouquet

This teardop bouquet used the classic rose and gypsophila combination. The roses are stunning in it.

teardrop bouquet

This bride's bridesmaids were in deep blue and I feel certain that the blue roses have been dyed for this bouquet. They do look stunning and I love the unusal maidenhair fern surrounding the roses. The cameo is the bride's grandma's which she had attached onto the stem of the bouquet.

roses with ferns 

Don't forget that there are many alternatives to fresh flowers. This wedding was at the end of December and the bride decided to have artificial flowers, pearl balls and buttons as her bouquet. It saves a mad dash for the florist to get fresh flowers just after Christmas!

artificial bouquet

This arrangement was also artificial...I think. I can't remember now and they look so real! I love the butterflies anyway. 

decorated bouquet

Don't forget to have your flowers photographed because unless you have them dried or preserved, they are obviously not going to last forever. You could have a canvas printed of them and have your own unique artwork on the wall. I love using the close up shots as backgrounds when I'm designing the wedding albums. To see an example please visit my products page.


There was something on TV the other week and I remember commenting on the style of bouquet. It was the old trailling style so maybe they're coming back into vogue. You must see lots of changes in styles. From dresses, hair styles, make up and you capture it all. Must be fab!


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