Golden Wedding Anniversary at Tillmouth Park Country House Hotel

The internet is a fabulous thing! This Golden Wedding Anniversary party was planned from all the way over in America. Now you may be wondering why Americans would want to celebrate a wedding anniversary in Cornhill-on-Tweed. Maybe they were thinking it would be quaint to hire a British country house hotel? Plenty of American actors have got married in Scottish castles.

It turned out that the couple celebrating their anniversary are originally from Hull and Berwick - met at St Andrew's University, got married and then 49 years ago moved to Texas. Hence their son enquiring about photography via an email from the US.

Seeing as it was a fair way to come, the family had already spent a weekend in Northumberland before hiring the beautiful Tillmouth Park Hotel for the weekend. This culminated in dinner and a party on the Saturday afternoon where I was employed to take photographs.

The couple wanted me there for a few hours to take group photos of the guests. Usually I ask for a list of groups required. For this party I got an itinerary and the names of all of the guests, how they knew the couple and which "Clan" they belonged to. Normally I gather people for the groups to make sure I've captured all of the photos that the client wants. Despite the very organised lists, I was told to just be available and that people would come to me to have their photos taken.

Now, in my experience, most people are reluctant to have their photos taken. This crowd had been briefed about a photographer being there and I'm not sure if they were told it was obligatory, but surprisingly lots of people stepped forward and came to have their photos taken. The groups even split up and had seperate, smaller family shots taken as well. It always makes my job easier when people want to have their photo taken.

As the venue was over an hour away from me in Newcastle, I hadn't gone to check it out beforehand. So I arrived a bit early to scope out locations, both inside and out. Thankfully we only had to dodge one rain shower, in which time I did some detail shots of the dinner room.

Fortunately the weather cleared for the whole group shot which would've been a squeeze indoors. The couple had celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary at the hotel and apparently, 20 fewer people had been tight on the stairs.

Here are a few photos from the day. I especially like the shot of all of the trainers by the front door. Pondering the adventures that the couple had shared with their children and grandchildren (all brought up in America) in Northumberland.

golden wedding anniversary 

family portrait in kilts

family portraits

Tillmouth Park Country House Hotel

Tillmouth Park Country House Hotel

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