Holiday photos - what I like to capture on holiday, Portugal.

As a photographer, I always take my camera on holiday with me. Albiet it's my entry level camera as the pro one is just too heavy to be carrying around all day every day. I thought I'd share a few of my holiday photos with you and let you know what appealed to me about the scenes I photographed.

Back in May we visited Portugal. We stayed in a town near Sintra, which is to the west of Lisbon. The weather was a bit colder than I'd anticipated and quite breezy on the west coast! But it hardly rained so we can't complain.

Moorish castle

Top left - is the Moorish castle on the mountain in Sintra, with Pena Palace in the background. I like the big rocks in the foreground because this fortification was built around massive boulders on the mountainside. The wall leads your eye down and across to the palace on the other hilltop.

Top right - these were cork oak trees. Portugal is the biggest exporter for cork in the world and I was fascinated by the ferns growing in the soft bark.

Bottom left - the canopy of a tree fern. I love the pattern of the leaves and the unusual angle.

Bottom right - the lighthouse at Cabo de Roca, the most westerly point of mainland Europe. I love the dramatic rockface dropping to the sea.


Left is an example of the characteristic cobble pavements of Portugal, leading your eye up to the seaside town of Cascais.

Right was a fabulous well with stairs spiralling down. This was taken at Quinta da Regaleira. It's a shame about the people being in it but I guess they give it a sense of scale.


Top left - I loved the Jacaranda trees which were in bloom while we were in Lisbon. I also loved the purple art nouveau style building so combined the two in a picture. All of the purples together. If you can spot compositions like this then your picture will have a strong theme.

Top right - I was fascinated in Lisbon by the juxtaposition of gorgeous buildings and plain concrete. This street demonstrated it and also the washing hanging from the upstairs windows added character. If you look closely, it also shows the graffiti along the bottom of the buildings which was prevalent almost everywhere.

Bottom left - Cascais again and I liked the palm trees in front of the shops on this one.

Bottom right - tiles! I tried not to take too many photos of tiles but these ones were combined with an interesting arbour made out of different shaped pan tiles. This was at the Palace of Monseurrate in Sintra. the focus is on the porcelain tiles on the pillar, but you can also see the wall in the background.

Magoito beach

Top was taken at Magoito beach and I wanted to capture the spray coming off the waves. There was also a lot of the green plantlife all over the rocky shore. You've also got the rocky cliff face which was prevalent in the two beaches that we visited during our stay. This picture was taken from a low angle to get the rock in the foreground and keep the cliffs in the background.

Bottom left - I like to photograph details which are specific to the places we visit, and the tiled street names are unique to mediterranean places. This was also the street we were staying on.

Bottom right - another thing native to the mediterranean climate are the bouganvilleas and this one was perfectly hanging over a whitewashed wall.

That's just a few of my Portugal photos. I like to photograph scenery but also capture details of the place and the atmosphere. I'm also always taking photos which I may use as reference for paintings!

I hope you've enjoyed reading about my thoughts on the holiday photos and hope you've picked up a couple of tips for taking your photos. If there's anything you'd specifically like to know in a future blog post, then please comment below and I'll see what I can do!

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