How to Make Your Family Portrait Look Fabulous

When you book a family portrait there are a couple of things you can consider to make the images look even more fantastic. I always recommend that you choose a colour theme for your clothing. One or two colours maximum. This means that you'll be looking at your gorgeous faces rather than thinking that Dad's shirt clashes with the childrens t-shirts.

I would also suggest that you wear something as plain as possible. Four people all wearing stripes will hurt your eyes! This is especially important when you have a child in the photo - try to avoid big logos or motifs on their tops as it can distract attention away from their face. I know that's easier said than done, it's quite tricky to find children's clothes which are plain. If you can't get them anything plain then work the theme around them and have everyone else in something plain.

birthday portrait

The stripes are quite bold on this one year old but it looks fine with the parents' plain white t-shirts.

grown up children portrait

A neutral colour and blue works well.

family group photograph

This was a coincidence that the neutral greys when with the grey carpet, but if you are having your portrait in your home, it's also good to consider if what you're wearing goes with your decor. Ideally, the boy in navy would have looked better in grey but I can't have everything!

family portrait Northumberland

outdoor family photo

Looking back at these portraits, blue seems to be very popular...but you don't have to go for blue. Ultimately, wear something that you and the children are comfortable in, that falls into the requirements above as much as possible. Also try to pick something that you already own because you know you like it.

I'm sure you'll agree that the portraits above look fabulous because of the harmony of the clothes.

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