I Like to Crochet As Well

As well as knitting, I like to crochet. I have lots of different yarns left over from projects and I wanted to use some up. I'd just ordered some new colouring pens for my art so I decided to make a pen case with some of the leftovers. I finished it this weekend, and my new pens arrived. Yay!

The only trouble was, I'd also used a recyled zip from an old bag and one end wasn't closed. I knew this and took care when opening and closing it. Unfortunately, my 9 year old picked up the pen case, and broke the zip! I can't get it back on so I'll be on the hunt for a zip the correct size before I can use it properly.

In the meantime, here's a close up of the stitches. It's linen stich which makes a pretty woven pattern. I used a macro lens to create more blur around the focusing.

linen stitch

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