The Importance of Good Product Photography

More and more small businesses are springing up these days, and it's really easy for you to have an online presence to sell your work. So you'll need to think about product photogaphy. Just about every phone has a camera so it's really tempting to take photos of your products yourself.

This may seem like a cheap, quick option, but if your photos are awful, then they aren't going to sell your products. A lot of the small businesses that I work with make new items regularly so it can be expensive to hire a photographer for each new batch of products. This is why I have a very reasonable rate so that you feel like you can afford to come back a few times a year.

You probably have a vision of how you'd like your products to be presented so we'll chat over the ideas. I am happy doing "pack shots" on a white background - like the brownie photos - or getting creative with outdoor locations. Anything to show your products off to the best advantage.

If you've been accepted to sites like Not on the High Street, they are very particular about the images you provide. A good professional photographer will be able to work with you to get the images right quickly. I had a session where all it took were a couple of exposure tweaks and some cropping to get the images how the site wanted them.

Silk flowers

food pack shot

peanut butter brownie bomb

framed gifts

tableware photography

sugar craft orchids

Wedding cake photo

Hair accessory

jewellery photo

If you'd like to work with me in creating some stunning images of your products then email me at with some details about what you make and I can send you a quote.


There is no way I'd get results like this using my mobile phone. Your photos make the products 'jump' off the page and as for the peanut butter brownie bombs, well I want one or 6 right now with my cuppa.

Thanks Tracey! I must admit though that the brownie bombs sell themselves pretty much! :-)


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