It used to be Dads missing from family photos

It's interesting how photography has changed over the decades - from cumbersome plate cameras, to portable box brownies, to lightweight film cameras and now digital cameras and even phones which take pictures. It's easy to track these changes through time, but it's also interesting to see who appears in pictures over these times.

classic family portraitWhen photography was beginning, it was only the rich who could afford it so most families would go together to a photographer to get their portrait taken. Father, mother and children all in the photo together. This photo is of my grandma and her parents taken in about 1907.

As cameras became more affordable, I guess it's safe to say that mainly the dads in the family would be the photo enthusiast. Therefore, they would get photos of the mother and children together and not themselves.

The shift into phone cameras seems to have changed this. It's probably more likely that the mother is the parent who remembers to capture the childrens early years with snaps on her phone. How many photos do you have of dad with the children? Lots. How many do you have of you with the children? And I mean proper photos, not half chopped off selfies.

 So, portrait photographers still have a place in this modern, digital world. A photograph of the whole family together, whether that be both parents or a single parent. When was the last time you had a proper photo of the family together, or you and the children together?

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