Kirkley Hall Summer Wedding

Recently I had the pleasure of photographing this wedding at the beautiful Kirkley Hall in Northumberland.

It was a glorious day for an outdoor summer wedding, except the few drops of rain as the bride arrived. She had heard that it was good luck, to wash away everything before. I'm glad it stayed away as all of the guests were already seated outside for the ceremony.

In 1175 Kirkley was originally known as Cricklawe. Cryc in Celtic meaning hill and Lawe in Old English meaning Crickelawe means hill hill.

In 1764 the Rev. Newton Ogle developed the hall on the present site around the Cedar of Lebanon which used to stand in the courtyard. The hall was altered in 1832 and the date of this is carved into the stone to the right of the main door.

Unfortunately there was a fire in 1929 which destroyed the hall and it was rebuilt as a two storey building a year later. The owner, Sir William Noble, had his coat of arms carved above the main door.

Now it is a beautiful place to hold your wedding or reception.

Kirkley Hall wedding with limousine

I loved this setting for an outdoor ceremony as I could see both the groom and the bride before they saw each other! The best man kept peeking round to check that she was there!

wedding ceremony at Kirkley Hall

This couple were so relaxed and jokey, I just loved the bride's expressions.

wedding ceremony at Kirkley Hall

Kirkley Hall wedding group

Bridal party photo

Bride and groom wedding photo

guests at Kirkley Hall wedding

It was a lovely sunny day, although not that great for photos. I tried to seek out shade where I could. I hope the guests had remembered their sun cream!

Wedding in Northumberland

We retreated to the shady side of the hall to get a few couple shots.

Kirkley Hall wedding

Kirkley Hall wedding photography

wedding cake photo

Thanks for looking!



Just stunning. Fab day great company and lovely memories.


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