My 20 Year Photography Career - Part One

This year marks my 20th anniversary of being a professional photographer. Time really does fly when you're having fun! I can't really believe that it's been that long but my first work day at M T Robinson Photography was Monday 10th March 1997 so it must be true!

I was employed as a portrait and wedding photographer, and I also ending up running the photo mini-lab. We printed professional photographs on the machine as well so weddings were photographed and produced totally in-house. Apart from large wall portraits that is.

The portrait studio in Ashington was a small back room behind the wedding dress shop (my employer owned this as well). It wasn't ideal as we stored the mini-lab chemicals and other paraphenalia in there. The seamstress also worked in there as well. There was a curtain background which was pulled across to hide everything and we had the obligatory chaise longue. There was also another wedding shop in Newcastle and my boss opened a studio above that which was more spacious - and didn't smell of chemicals!

We also offered a photo printing service to local newsagents and Post Offices around Northumberland. It was my job to drive around these collecting the films and delivering the photos back. I used a little Seat Ibiza that I bombed around the countryside in!

In this job I had the opportunity to learn Photoshop when it first came out. I remember seeing it demonstrated at an MPA seminar. My boss bought a copy and we went to Harrogate for me to have some one-to-one training on it.

I worked at M T Robinson Photography/Ampro Photographic for 2 years and this was me in 1998.

Working in 1998

Find out the next chapter of my story in a couple of weeks!


Ah I loved reading this! I started featuring guest blogs on my website all about personal career journeys and this would make a great one. Would you like to write something for me? I'd be looking for one post about how you got into it, any challenges you've had and how you overcame them and any advice you would give to people thinking of getting into it. :-)

Thank you Kelly. Yes I would be interested. I'll get in touch with you.


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