My Favourite Photo of the Weekend

Slightly cheating on this 52 weekends project photo today. It wasn't a shot which I set up specifically, it was one taken on a photo shoot that I did. A Golden Wedding Anniversary party at Tillmouth Park Country House Hotel. I had noticed these trainers all lined up when we arrived and thought that some guests had been having fun exploring earlier that weekend.

During the course of the afternoon, I learnt that the couple enjoy hiking. It was likely that they'd pass their love of the outdoors on to their children and grandchildren. So I when I spotted that the trainers were still there when we were leaving, I couldn't resist taking a photo of them.

The couple and their immediate families all live in America now and had spent a couple of weeks exploring Northumberland, so hopefully this will be an extra reminder of their time together back here.

I've used an action to bring out the details and vignetted around to darken the stonework so you concentrate on the trainers.

Golden Wedding

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