Nyhavn in Real Life and Lego

The main reason for our family holiday to Denmark this year, was to go to Legoland. The original one where my husband and I had both visited (seperately) as children 30+ years ago. It was part of my 40th birthday present this year to choose a special holiday and seeing as I'd had Lego vouchers for my birthday it was the only option.

As you may have seen from my previous photos, we stayed in Copenhagen first and then in Denmark's Lake District, leaving Legoland until last. This was quite good in a way because some of the Lego models in Miniland were places we had visited or read about.

I tried not to take too many photos in Legoland...but I still took plenty!

This is one of the comparisons of the real street scene and the Lego model. It's Nyhavn in Copenhagen - it means "New Harbour". I'm sure you'll be able to tell which scene is which, but never-the-less the attantion to detail is fabulous!

Nyhavn Copenhagen in Lego

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