Painting Boards for the Garden

It's been a busy couple of days around the house and garden. Our son used to have a homemade den which unfortunately got damaged over Christmas last year. As I like to recycle and re-use as much as possible, I wanted my husband to cut the pieces of marine plywood into oblongs. I am going to attach the painted boards onto the fences to create some interesting artwork. I already have two boards with some iron flowers on them.

The broken boards have been sitting in our garden for a few months and surprisingly, hubby got the work bench out yesterday and squared the pieces off. I was already painting some sticks for some pots in the front garden (I'll explain in a future blog post!) so it made sense to get these boards painted as well.

Now, either I'm starting to unlock the inner artist in my husband, or he just wanted to play with his power tools. He asked if I wanted wavy edges on any of the pieces. Then he asked if I wanted any circles cutting out. He came up with the snail-like spirals and the wavy cut-outs. I painted them purple and left some of the original green of the den showing through in the leaves.

I rather like this picture with all of the boards lined up. They will be put on the fences seperately, but it's given me a bit of an idea for some artwork in the art side of my business.

Maybe next week we'll get them on the fence!

purple boards

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