Product Photography Backgrounds

The background you use can make or break your product photography. If you are attempting to do the photos yourself, then think carefully about the background and make sure you have nothing in it which will distract from your product.

I have a number of different options that I can use to show your products off to their very best.

The classic "pack shot" is taken on a cream/white background and can bring continuity through different photo sessions.

caramel brownie bomb

I also have a couple of wooden backgrounds. These are new and I've only done head shots on them but it gives you an idea.

Head shot

I also have a mantlepiece which is good for showing off frames and framed artwork with neutral colours.

framed gifts

If you're looking for something a little different, I can take photographs in my back garden. This was taken against a trellis with ivy on it. I offered the client the choice of a plain background or this one and she loved this. I've used some of my own boxes as props but you can bring anything you like to dress your set.

Wedding Stationery Product Photo

If you like this outdoor idea, we can always scout for locations. These bridal bouquets were taken in Northumberland Park in North Shields.

Silk flowers

Selling websites like Not on the High Street are quite particular about the quality of product photography. I work with you to ensure that your photographs pass the strict guidelines. Here is an image which did pass those guidelines. You can see more examples here >>> Product Photography for Not on the High Street

tableware photography

So, whatever you have in mind, we can chat about the look you want for your products. We want them to look their best so they can either promote you or sell really quickly!

To get a quote for your photography please phone me on 0191 2864014 or email

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