Product Photography ~ Dresses and Jewellery

I've just photographed the new wedding dresses for My Big Day Bridal and I thought I'd better share some more of the photos from the last shoot I did with Wendy. This was mainly Chinese wedding outfits and accessories and the many prom dresses that she has to hire or buy.

There were at least 200 dresses to photograph - front and back! - and with four mannequins of differing sizes it was a giggle. One of the size 8s we named "Skinny Minnie" as it was smaller than the other size 8 for some reason. The older mannequin's stand dropped off if you held her in the wrong place so I called her "Legless Lucy".

Prom dress photos

Wendy offers many Chinese wedding accessories such as the lucky red envelopes and traditional decorations.

Chinese Wedding Accessories

She also has a range of jewellery which is suitable for any occasion.

Jewellery photographs

My Big Day Bridal has just opened a shop on Westgate Road in Newcastle so we have a lot more space to photograph than we did in Wendy's living room - and she has her living room back now that all of the dresses have gone to the shop!

My product photography is really affordable for small businesses at just £30 an hour. Email me on to book.

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