Professional Head Shot Photographs

In this digital age, we have lots of social media accounts attached to our businesses. Ultimately, no matter what we are selling, we are selling ourselves and "avatars" are everywhere.

It's really important to make a good first impression and where better than your Twitter or Facebook profile picture? It may be that you'd like to portray yourself on your website as well, so having a professional image is a great way of letting your customers see who you are.

You could go one of two ways with your self portrait image - studio based or location.

The studio allows for greater control of lighting but can also feel a little formal. Although you could use props from your business and do something fun.

A location photo session will seem more relaxed, especially if you choose to have your business premises as the background. Alternatively you could stay away from business and portray what you like to do out of work to show your customers a little more of your personality.

Whatever style and look you choose, it's always best to work with a professional photographer. They'll make sure that you look your best and don't have a selfie pout (unless you're going for that fun look). As most avatars are square they will also be able to crop them correctly so that your head doesn't get chopped off in the wrong place.

It's also quite useful to have a few different poses or outfits that you can use in different types of marketing, maybe a shot with you to the side and empty background for you to overlay some text from your business message.

This was a head shot I took during a commercial shoot of a new party room at Fidgets The Salon for Kids. Taken quickly against their sparkly party wall with available light. All they wanted was head and shoulders of the staff.

Professional head shot

These two shots were taken on location in the park in Morpeth in autumn. There are the lovely warm colours of the autumn leaves in the background. 

Morpeth headshot

This was taken outside the client's office during a commercial shoot.

Newcastle headshot

This was also taken during a commercial shoot of the client's reflexology room.

headshot photographer Newcastle

Another outdoor location, just using greenery for the background and a tree.

Newcastle photographer

I have a couple of different options for studio backgrounds, depending on what you're looking for. Wooden panels for a more natural background, or cream, blue or grey.

Head shot

headshot photographer

This is one of me with studio lights. I took a few different poses with different scarves and admit that I have only used this one for my Instagram picture and one for my weddings leaflet. I put a photo of me on the leaflet so that brides I met at wedding fairs would remember me when they were looking at the literature later on at home.

Gillian Cross Product Photographer

Wedding photography

If you'd like to book a session to update your profile picture please ring me on 0191 2864014 or email

It's £40 for a 45 minute session and digital images are £24 each.

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