Some Favourite North East Portrait Locations

Some of my customers like the idea of having their photos taken in a location which means something to them. In this article I'll be looking at some of my favourite North East portrait locations.

I photographed at Big Waters for the first time last year and really liked the backdrop. These shots were taking near the pond-dipping area.

childrens portrait

The park in Morpeth is always lovely. These were taken at the end of November but there's still greenery around.

Morpeth headshot

Bolam lake is great as there are a few different backgrounds to use. Woodland and this fabulous boardwalk. This was taken in May so the leaves are all very fresh.

Bolam lake

Plessey Woods is also a good one.  In the summer there is the meadow area and you also have woodland. Benches are handy for making interesting groupings. Plessey Woods and Bolam Lake both have lovely cafes if you fancy a cuppa afterwards!

Plessey woods

Jesmond Dene is always a favourite. Again, a cafe, as well as Pet's Corner to keep the children entertained afterwards. There's the bridge, the old mill and the covered seating area if it looks like rain.

Jesmond Dene

My next choice is St Mary's Lighthouse. Well the beach opposite it to be exact. You could combine the session with a walk along the coast and an ice cream! It's best to try and schedule a session either earlyish morning or late afternoon as there isn't anywhere in the shade of the glaring midday sun. Although we could be lucky and have the sun disappear occasionally like it did at the end of this session - bottom photo.

St Mary's Lighthouse

A new location to me was Rothbury riverside. This was taken in April but later in the year may be better, when the leaves are out on the trees. Unlike the other locations, there's free parking at this one!

Northumberland family portrait

Of course, I'm always open to suggestions for new locations. To book your North East portrait session in your favourite location contact me!

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