Sticks in Pots

An eventful weekend with a night out with friends, son on cub activity day to Kirkley Hall and the enjoyment of watching the tennis (doubles that is, the men's final was a bit too one-sided to be particularly good.) The most eventful occurence was Sunday evening when my husband accidently cut the side of his wrist with a glass bowl while he was doing the washing up! We grabbed a neighbour to babysit our son and I drove him to A&E. I only stayed an hour, and bless him, he got a taxi home and arrived back at quarter to 1am!

Luckily for you, I'm not showing you the photo of his cut - after an x-ray and stitches!

I did get some time to finish a garden project that I'd started last week. While I was painting the boards last week I also painted some sticks that my son has collected over the years. This week I bought some attractive stones, pulled out the struggling plants from the pots at our front door and created some interest that doesn't need watering! The problem with the pots is that they sit under the overhang of the roof and I forget to water them. So I had decided that I needed something sculptural either side of the door.

This shot is taken from above one of the pots. I am hoping to add more sticks to the arrangement as time goes on. My son would only let me have eight of his!

Again I've used an action in processing to bring out the details in the image.

sticks in pots

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