Summer Self Portrait

When I was deciding what to photograph for this weekend's 52 Weekends project, I decided it would be the new top that I was making for myself. I accidently walked past this gorgeous fabric in Newcastle during the week and had to buy it! I have made a vest top from this pattern before and made a guess at the amount of fabric required.

Instead of arranging pieces of material as I was constructing the garment, I thought I'd take a self portrait. My profile picture was still the winter one with a woolly hat so I needed to update it with a summery one anyway.

So armed with my tripod and self timer, I took a few pictures in our back garden. I love the light on this, and I'm sitting next to one of my favourite trees in the acer palmatum. This one shows the top as well in the absolutely gorgeous fabric. My stitching is far from neat and even so don't look too closely!

The beauty of making your own clothes is that you have something unique and different from anything in the shops.

Gillian Cross Photographer

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