Surprise Family Portrait

Back in November, I photographed this lovely family. Two sisters and their families were together one weekend for a celebration. As all of the children were together, they took the opportunity to have a photograph session. They wanted a surprise Christmas gift for their parents.

I went along to the house and set up in the lounge which was at the front of the house. Halfway through the session, the front door started opening. One of the daughters leapt up to get it. It was her mum! She only lives up the street and they were all going out for a meal afterwards so there was no need for her to call.

She'd been wanting a photo of everyone together for a while. Such a shame that the surprise was spoilt, but she didn't see the canvas they'd bought for her until Christmas Day. I hope she was pleased anyway.

family photograph

family portrait

couples portrait

black and white photo

couples photography

Dad and sons

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What a lovely present for their parents and I bet you love being involved in making memories for your clients.

Thank you Tracey. Yes, it's great to think that I am capturing memories that people will cherish forever.


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