Top 3 Tips on Posing for Your Wedding Photographs

Today I want to talk about tips on posing for your wedding photographs. A lot of couples may never have had a professional photo shoot before their wedding day. It can be quite daunting if you're not sure what to expect. I always say the key to anything with your wedding photographer is communication. Ask questions and make sure the photographer talks to you and asks you questions about what you're expecting and hoping to get from your wedding photography.

This leads me onto tip number...

1. It's essential that you have an appointment just before the wedding, to chat with your photographer. This is when you can remind them what kind of poses you like and what you don't see yourself doing. Discuss whether you'd like natural "fly-on-the-wall" shots or if you'd like a lot of posed shots.

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2. If it's possible, arrange a pre-wedding photo shoot with your photographer. Some photographers will offer this as a complimentary service (like me). This is a great opportunity for you to practise posing away from the pressure of your big day. As a photographer, I look for things like whether you prefer me to use the tripod rather than hand held, so that you look at me rather than at the camera. It's easier to be relaxed and smile at a face rather than at a camera.

A pre-wedding photo shoot can be especially useful if you don't like having your photo taken.

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3. On your wedding day, when you're being put into a pose, tell your photographer if you feel uncomfortable. If you feel uncomfortable then you'll look uncomfortable on the photo. The photographer should then be able to move you into a pose that you feel happier with.

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