Watercolour ~ Yellow Daffodil in Blue Bottle

In spring I love seeing the daffodils bursting into bloom in my garden. Mostly though, the wind and rain batters them so they flop over. I like this as well because then I feel justified in bringing the cut flower into the house to enjoy.

I decided to paint this one in a contrasting blue bottle. The flower was really too large for the bottle, as you can see from the photo of the set up below. This is the beauty of painting though! I made the bottle slightly wider and taller so that the flower was more in proportion to the bottle.

Yellow daffodil in blue bottle

The original painting is available as a 10x8 in a 12x10 mount for £35 plus postage.

Alternatively, prints with a border are also available (as below) from £18 including postage.

Yellow daffodil in blue bottle

Thanks for looking.


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