Wedding Album Package Vs Images Only

With wedding budgets escalating, I've seen more and more couples opting for wedding photography and images only packages. I offer both wedding album packages and an images only package so that no one misses out on great wedding photography.

I'm worried though, that once the excitement of the day is over, and the images have been viewed on the computer or television that's where the photos remain. Forever on a usb stick with the intention to print but never quite getting round to it.

This is why I always include a complimentary photo book with my photography and images only package. I choose the photos so that the book can be ordered quickly after the wedding and you get it with the usb stick of images.

Of course nothing will replace a beautiful wedding album which you can look through. An album will always be the correct colour as different device screens are slightly different colours. You also won't have the worry of the technology formats changing and the potential of losing your images.

If you do decide to have the usb stick of images and then get money as gifts from your guests then you can always upgrade and get an album after the wedding.

Storybook wedding albums

Two sizes of Storybook albums are available - 14x10 and 16x12

wedding album design

An example of a 16x12 wedding album layout.

wedding albums

Parent albums are also available to purchase with an album package.

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You can also find more information on my wedding photography page.

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