When I Won My First Award

This was the first photography award that I ever won. The Master Photographer's Association has regional awards and at that time there was a North East region. They were held at Hallgarth Manor with a dinner and the award ceremony. For each category there were certificates of merit and a winner, who got the trophy.

It was 2002, my second year of entering a photograph. I combined my photographic and artistic skills by cropping the photo of the girl really close, chopping off some of the windmill. I then extended the missing bits of windmill by painting onto the mount.

I won the Licenciate Portrait Award.

I think I also got a certifcate of merit for another photo - it's so long ago I can't remember! Anyway, I got to keep the trophy for a year and my name was engraved on it. The winners were also photographed and were in the Master Photographer's Association magazine. I am holding someone else's trophy as well (I'm in the red)...it may have been Alan Mason's because he probably won so many that he couldn't hold them all!

First portrait award

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