Who Else Celebrated 20 Years in 2017?

Last year, you may know that I celebrated 20 years in photography. Well, throughout the year I noticed other events and people who were celebrating 20 years so I thought I'd have a look at who else was celebrating. For me it was the start of adulthood and independence and culture at the time was probably shaping who I am now.

1997 was the year of....

Harry Potter

As I was 21 in 1997, I was too old to read the books (I know adults read them but I never did) but I do remember feeling very Christmassy every year going to see the films. Now, 20 years on, my son has read all of the books at least 5 times over.


This epic film came out and I was free to go to the cinema just about any night I liked! I bought it on video but haven't watched it for many years now. Other films out that year were "Men in Black", "Jurassic Park" and "Austin Powers". Also "Good Will Hunting" which I went to see with my brother when he was at Uni in York. There was also "I Know What You Did Last Summer" Do you remember that one? I jumped when the guy appeared at the car window with the spade.

Robbie Williams Debut Album

I can't believe that it was 20 years ago! I bought it on CD, along with the 1st albums of Shania Twain, The Corrs and All Saints. The All Saints album was the only one that both my husband and I had the same in our music collections when we met. It was also the year that Mariah Carey brought out "Butterfly" which I think was the last one of hers that I bought.

Other News

The deaths of Princess Diana and Mother Theresa. The former started the mass public mourning that we so often see these days. I was staying over at my friend's house when it happened and I assisted on a wedding on the afternoon of her funeral. We had the shutters half down in the shop and our employer had brought in a TV so we could watch it in the morning.

I was never interested in politics but Tony Blair was elected which ended 18 years of Tory government. And apparently it was the year that Scotland voted yes to a Scottish parliment. It was the first broadcast of Channel 5, Dolly the sheep was cloned and the UK won the Eurovision Song Contest for the last time.

But more importantly...George Clooney was the world's sexiest man!

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