Why Choose A Professional Portrait Photographer?

With everyone carrying around their own camera on their mobile phones now, it's hard to justify paying to have your family photos taken by a professional portrait photographer. Here are some reasons why you'll love your photo session.

1. People and families change and grow the whole time. You will be capturing your life moments which are precious.

2. The whole family will be on the pictures. Instead of mum or dad missing from the photos, you'll have the whole family in front of the camera. Again, those precious family moments to look back on and a pro will arrange you so that everyone is visible and looking good.

family photos

3. You will have prepared your outfits especially for a portrait session so will be looking and feeling the best that you can. Hopefully your photographer will have advised you about colour co-ordinating your clothes so that you'll look in harmony with one another.

4. Portrait sessions are fun! If you've chosen the right photographer for you, then they will make you feel at ease. I can take your photos in your own home or garden and quite often suggest a location which means something to your family.

family photograph

5. It's a great gift idea. If you're struggling to think about what to get the grandparents for Christmas, a photo is ideal. Alternatively, getting a professional photographer to cover a wedding anniversary party is a great gift too.

portrait photography

6. You're more likely to get an actual printed photograph from your professional photo session. How many of your phone photos have been printed out and framed? When was the last time you looked through that disc of photos when your children were babies?

Fine Art Portrait of a girl

So having a professional portrait session is an investment in your memories for the future.

What are you waiting for? Get your session booked today and make an investment in a lasting keepsake that you'll treasure forever.

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