Why Have a Portrait Session on Location?

A few weeks ago we looked at the pros and cons of having your portrait session at home. This week it's the turn of location portrait sessions. So, again, let's start with the good things.

1. You can incorporate your location portrait session with a lovely family day out. Why not take a picnic to have after you've had your photos taken and spend some quality time together?

2. If there's a place which is special to you, it'll give more meaning to your photos. Maybe your family has a favourite wood where you love to walk, or you go to your local beach every weekend.

3. I have a list of beautiful locations that I know will be great for your photos. This means I'll already have some poses planned so that the session won't take as much time. Also, the backgrounds will be less distracting.

4. You may not feel comfortable having someone new coming into your house...and you don't have to tidy up before the session!

5. Generally plenty of space for group photos if there are alot of you.

Northumberland photographer

Plessey woods, Northumberland.

Newcastle photographer

Jesmond Dene, Newcastle.

Northumberland location portrait

Rothbury riverside, Northumberland.

The disadvantages to consider would be...

1. It's going to take more time out of your day to travel to a location.

2. Unless there are undercover options, if the weather is truly awful we would have to re-schedule.

3. Depending on the loaction you choose, it may be full of people at busy times.

Tyneside photographer

St Mary's island, Tyne and Wear.

Northumberland photographer

Wylam riverside, Northumberland.

children's portrait

Great Park, Newcastle.

So there are the points to consider when thinking about having your portrait session on location. If you missed the post about having a home session then click here to read it.

Thank you for reading, and if you'd like to book a location portrait session please ring me on 0191 2864014

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