Fine Art Portraits

Fine art portraits

Timeless       Beautiful       Classic

During my long photography career, I've noticed that my favourite images of people are nearly always serious, non-smiley pictures. Or pictures where the subject is looking away from the camera. With that in mind, my studio portrait focus is going towards portraits with a more fine art approach.

I am passionate about printing photographs out and enjoying them all the time. This is why this style is aimed at producing a piece of work which will hang on your wall.

The photos are taken on a dark background and shown in black and white. You can bring the objects that you love and that best represent your personality. Plain clothing looks best, to give that timeless feeling. This is an ideal session for a teenager who doesn't particularly want to have their photo taken. I don't ask them to smile!

There are three options open to you, the session and buy from the price list, or choose one of two wall art packages.

The Fine Art Portrait session £80

45 min session, including a £30 credit towards a printed product.

Art Package One £155

45 min session and a beautiful 12x10 Birchwood panel (usually £175)

Art Package Two £215

45 min session and a beautiful 20x16 Birchwood panel (usually £245)

To have something timeless and classic on your wall, please ring 0191 2864014 to book your session.

Black and white portrait