Newborn Christmas Baby

I can't believe that I've waited for a whole year to post these photos! They were taken just before Christmas last year and by the time the parents saw the photos, Christmas was over and it seemed a bit late to share them. So here they are - complete with cute Santa hat!

The baby was very awake for most of the session but I did capture a few shots when she'd drifted off at the end.

Watch Me Grow Sessions

The Watch Me Grow package is a total of three photo sessions of your baby at ages 4 months, 8-10 months and 12-16 months old. After each session you choose one photograph to put in your free montage picture.

It's only £80 to register! Three sessions and the montage would usually cost a total of £195 (£40 per session and £75 for the montage). So this is a saving of £115.

Baby Portrait Session

This is a photo taken from the second session of my "Watch Me Grow" package. Photos of your baby at four or six month intervals from four months old. I'm doing this little one's third session over the weekend and can't wait to see what the final three photos look like together!


Baby Portrait

It's always a pleasure to photograph families through the years and see the children growing up.

This session was the second one in my "Watch Me Grow" offer. Three sessions at six month intervals to show your baby growing at the fastest that they'll ever change, with one photo from each session printed together.