family portrait

Family Portrait in Northumberland at Rothbury

A few weeks ago I did a family portrait in Northumberland. We went to the riverside at Rothbury which was absolutely glorious. It did mean that I was trying to find some shade to avoid harsh shadows. There wasn't much shade but we managed and here are a few of the shots that I got. There was also a massive tail back on the A1 past Morpeth so we all arrived about half an hour late! This meant that the sun wasn't as harsh but the 2 year old was more tired than he would've been.

Golden Wedding Anniversary Album

This lady collected her finished album today of her Golden Wedding Anniversary celebrations. When she got to this photo she said "Who would have thought 50 years ago that I'd have two such lovely grandchildren!"

Looking through her album brought all of the emotion of the celebration back to her and I'm thrilled that I can capture memories like that for my clients.

Boo! Boys Portrait

A bit of fun during these family pictures - the boys just peeked out from between these hedges and struck their own pose. The parents chose this one to put on their wall.

If you're interested in having a family portrait taken in time for Christmas, please ring 0191 2864014 to book your session. Wouldn't the grandparents just love to have a photograph of the children to open on Christmas day?