Don't Forget to Back Up Your Holiday Photos

As we get towards the end of the school holidays, most people will have been on their summer holidays. If you're like me, you will have taken lots of photos of your lovely time away. But you don't want to leave all of those photos on your camera or phone to be forgotten. Here are a few tips for managing your holiday photos.

1. As soon as you have transferred your pictures onto your computer, make a second folder of them.

Nyhavn in Real Life and Lego

The main reason for our family holiday to Denmark this year, was to go to Legoland. The original one where my husband and I had both visited (seperately) as children 30+ years ago. It was part of my 40th birthday present this year to choose a special holiday and seeing as I'd had Lego vouchers for my birthday it was the only option.

Holiday to Rutland

We have just had a lovely, relaxing holiday to Rutland. As usual, I took my camera almost everywhere we went (and my sketch pad this holiday!). I always love taking landscape photos but on this holiday I was primarily looking for views to paint later. Here are a few of my favourite views.