A Misty Woodland Walk

Back in the beginning of December last year, I had a stroll in the woods at Havannah Nature Reserve round the corner from us. It had been misty that morning and I was hoping to catch some in my photos. It was also very frosty. The only mist I managed to get in any good composition was in this shot. I love trees and woods and this feels quite mystical to me.

Lake Mossø in Denmark

We've just been on a fantastic family holiday to Denmark and I took far too many photographs! This is a favourite of mine, taken of Lake Mossø which is in their lake district. We were on a walk which started off rainy through the forest by a river but we were rewarded when we reached the lake. It turned into glorious sunshine and the water was so still.

Holiday to Rutland

We have just had a lovely, relaxing holiday to Rutland. As usual, I took my camera almost everywhere we went (and my sketch pad this holiday!). I always love taking landscape photos but on this holiday I was primarily looking for views to paint later. Here are a few of my favourite views.