It's Not Too Late to Buy a Portrait Voucher as a Christmas Gift

It is too late to have a portrait session and get prints back in time for Christmas (unless you only want to purchase digital files), but it's not too late to buy a gift voucher. The gift of a family photo is so special. Your loved ones are special to you and you can treasure those memories for years to come with a beautiful portrait photograph.

Family Portrait Every Year

For the past six years I have photographed this family every year. I thought it would be fun to pick one family photograph from each year to show the differences in the boys growing up. The little one was just 2 in the first portrait so he's the one that has changed the most but you can see that the older brother is getting taller.

Why Have a Portrait Session on Location?

A few weeks ago we looked at the pros and cons of having your portrait session at home. This week it's the turn of location portrait sessions. So, again, let's start with the good things.

1. You can incorporate your location portrait session with a lovely family day out. Why not take a picnic to have after you've had your photos taken and spend some quality time together?

Why Have a Portrait Session at Your Home?

As a photographer who works from home, I offer portrait sessions on location, or in your own home. Both have pros and cons and I thought I'd look at each option individually so you can choose which is best for you.

Today, as the title suggests, we'll look at having a portrait in your own home. So the good things first:-

1. You don't have to travel anywhere, I come to you.

Family portrait at Big Waters

I love it when I find a new location for a family portrait. I have been to Big Waters before, but not for many years. I had forgotten the pond-dipping pools under the trees and this turned out to be an ideal location for this portrait session.

If you regularly read my blog posts then you may recognise this family as being the one that has their portrait taken every year for Christmas presents for the grandparents.