Beautiful Eyes

When parents book a portrait photography session of their children they often want smiley photos. Of course it's lovely to have photos that show the joy of childhood, but sometimes the non-smiley photos are just as gorgeous. Take this lovely boy for example, his eyes are just gorgeous and enhanced because he isn't smiling.

9 Photos Frame

Recently I did a baby portrait for a lady's second child. She had had photos of her first child done somewhere else and wanted the same set up of photos for her daughter. This is the 9 photo frame that I produced for her.

9on frame

Watch Me Grow Sessions

The Watch Me Grow package is a total of three photo sessions of your baby at ages 4 months, 8-10 months and 12-16 months old. After each session you choose one photograph to put in your free montage picture.

It's only £80 to register! Three sessions and the montage would usually cost a total of £195 (£40 per session and £75 for the montage). So this is a saving of £115.