The Daffodils are out

This weekend I noticed that the daffodils are starting to come out in our back garden. Had to take a shot for the 52 weekends project. Sadly, no washing on the line this week as it was a bit rainy. Well, that's spring for you!

This was taken with a macro lens and is an abstract picture of the trumpet's frilly edging.

Springtime Washing

It was really starting to feel like Spring this weekend. So much so, that my washing went out on the line for the first time this year.

I love the sun glinting off the washing lines in this photo, and the way the clouds are aligned with them. The blue shirt echoes the blue sky and the diagonal angles add drama to a day to day scene.

So Many Books!

Apart from a photo job this weekend, it was fairly chilled and my son was supposed to have tidied the books on his bedside cabinet. It's been half term and he loves reading so much that he's read about 14 books! That's brilliant, except he hasn't put any of them away and he's going to disappear under the pile soon!

Hanging Lights

When I started the 52 weekends project, I was supposed to be taking photos on my pro camera. Last year I got an iphone which has a much better camera than my old phone so last weekend I ended up just taking the photo on that.

We were at Bella Italia for my friend's daughter's birthday and these hanging lights caught my eye.

Hair Cutting Time - The Tools

It was hair cut time for my son and husband this weekend. I've always cut hubby's with the clippers as it's fairly easy. Son used to have the clippers too but he likes his hair slightly longer. I've had to master cutting it with scissors! YouTube is very handy!

I've applied a details action to bring out the hard edges of the tools slightly and enhance the grain.

Reeds on a Sunday Afternoon Stroll

Yesterday, the hubby and I went for a stroll through the new estate near our house. At the moment we're lucky enough to live near the edge of our estate so it doesn't take long to get to open farmland. I say "at the moment" as there is more building going on, but as part of the new estate there is open land with paths. There are also some marshy ponds and a stream so quite picturesque.

Chef's Badge Photograph

My son is doing his chef's badge at Cubs so he had to prepare a two course meal, including some cooking and chopping. This weekend he made re-fried beans in tortilla wraps and lemon cheesecake. I had to take photos to document the process. I photographed every step which was a little over the top but I like to do things properly! This was one of the photos demonstrating that he chopped an onion.

Knitting, it's something I like to do.

Quite a few years ago, my mum bought me some gorgeous red ruffle yarn for my birthday. I knitted the scarf and my mum loved it so much that she bought some for herself. For some reason, her's didn't turn out quite so well so she gave me the yarn. It's sat in the bottom of my knitting bag since then. In true New Year sort out mode, I found it again and this weekend I started on the scarf. It's only taken a couple of evenings and is nearly finished!