How To Photograph a Wedding - and Survive

With lots of couples being extremely budget conscious when planning their wedding, more and more people are turning to enthusiastic hobbyists to take their wedding photographs. This can be a daunting job if you've never done it before. So I have drawn all of my experience over the last 21 years as a photographer, to make this guide on how to photograph a wedding.

Tips For Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

With so many North East wedding photographers around these days, it can be quite daunting choosing the right photographer. Also, with wedding day budgets getting bigger and bigger, sometimes it's the photography budget that gets cut. Nearly everyone knows someone who is "keen on photography" and would do it for a fraction of the price of a professional. But consider the points brought up below.

~ First and foremost, you need someone you feel comfortable with, as your photographer will be present for most of your special day.

Focus On ~ Getting Ready

Many brides like their wedding photography coverage to start from bridal preparation.

Some people don't like the thought of a photographer being there for the potential panic of extra people getting ready in the house and wedding day nerves.

I can arrive whenever you like - while the rollers are still in or when you're in your dress. It's entirely up to you.

Why I Wear my Wedding Dress on our Anniversary

It's coming up to our 12th wedding anniversary and I always wear my wedding dress again. Well, almost always. One year our son was only a couple of weeks old, and one year we were on holiday!

Anyway, we always just have a special meal at home and I wear my dress. Not just a ploy to get my husband to do all of the cooking because he enjoys cooking. It's a lovely tradition which means that the dress isn't just stuck in a box never to be seen again.

Focus on ~ Wedding Album Design

You've decided to have a wedding album made from your wedding photographs. Fantastic! For me, the wedding album design is just as important, if not more so, than the photos themselves. This is why I take care to make sure that everything flows and looks fabulous for you. Usually your wedding photographer will just take your photos and produce an album. When I design an album, I like to know what design aspects you like.

Top 3 Tips on Posing for Your Wedding Photographs

Today I want to talk about tips on posing for your wedding photographs. A lot of couples may never have had a professional photo shoot before their wedding day. It can be quite daunting if you're not sure what to expect. I always say the key to anything with your wedding photographer is communication. Ask questions and make sure the photographer talks to you and asks you questions about what you're expecting and hoping to get from your wedding photography.